What we do for our partners, Investors, and clients:

Momentum Building offers Architectural, Civil Engineering, Project & Construction Management, and Real Estate Development Services. List of Potential Services:


List of Potential Services:

Project Startup

  • Help secure local investors and/or financing
  • Locate and tie up well positioned locations in various markets and provide pricing
  • Provide adjusted or new prototype design & branding for typical and custom locations
  • Price roll-out template

Evaluate Real Properties

  • Allowable Use
  • Parking Requirements
  • Applicable Code, CC&R’s
  • Restrictions and Encumbrances
  • Potential Environmental Issues
  • Zoning and Ordinance Requirements
  • Access (vehicular, trucks, and pedestrian)
  • Maximum Height, FAR and SF Bonus Opportunities
  • Orientation & Site Analysis

Evaluate Buildings

  • Conduct visual inspections to access durability and remaining usefulness
  • Take as-built measurements and prepare drawings in CAD or BIM
  • Analyze life cycle and/or operational costs
  • Assess duration of relevant style and decor

Oversee Entitlements and Procure Permits

  • Meet w/ City officials to get favorable terms
  • Evaluate the permit review process and associated fees
  • Negotiate exemptions/alternatives/variances
  • Navigate change-in-use or rezoning opportunities
  • Represent client at public meetings and hearings
  • Testify at city council and planning commission meetings
  • Coordinate with various city departments to expedite reviews and receive approval
  • Meet w/ various city officials and interest holders to generate support and alleviate concerns

Project Implementation

  • Negotiate favorable lease or building/property sales terms
  • Help secure necessary licenses
  • Provide direct coordination with Architect
  • Select consultants: Geotechnical Engineer, Surveyor, Lighting, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Landscape, Environmental Scientists, etc.
  • Hold periodic coordination meetings with all consultants, service providers and Client
  • Coordinate estimates and project phasing
  • Expedite & Procure entitlements and building permits

Construction Coordination

  • Maintain the project schedule
  • Review and approve all contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids
  • Conduct construction management as the owner’s representative
  • Coordinate with Architect on RFI’s and Submittals
  • Provide assistance with value engineering
  • Ensure building is placed ready for service